Storing your web site on, and running it from, an Internet connected server

In order for your web site to be visible on any PC or device that connects to the Internet, it must be available from an Internet server that is permanently connected to the Internet. The servers used by Amdow Web Design are housed in the UK in a secure building with backup power supplies, in the event of a power cut, and are frequently backed up to prevent loss.

Our hosting servers are run by a company that have been in this business for over 30 years and have a very good reputation for maintaining the security of their servers as well as a very high level of “up-time” (this is the time when the server is fully available to the Internet as opposed to down-time when it is not available.)

Hosting costs are an annual charge starting from around £12.00 (plus VAT) and go up to over £600 for a large e-commerce web site. There are cheaper hosting sites but their security is not ideal.

Most of the sites we run cost about £40.00 a year (after the initial setup costs).

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