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In order for your web site to be found it needs to be listed on search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about getting your web site listed and appearing high among the listings after running a relevant search.   

A certain amount of SEO is a natural part of the web site creation at Amdow Web Design but we also strive to improve the ranking of our web sites in search engine results through additional SEO methods. All our SEO follows the ethical guidelines. We do not employ any underhand methods that could get our web sites totally banned by search engines.

Page one listings are now virtually impossible to achieve and can never be guaranteed. Unless you are in a very select niche business or a very specific search has been made, a position in the top 10 pages will normally be the best that can be realistically guaranteed. New domain names (under a year old) are always well below older domains. To achieve a higher position requires considerable resources, purchased links from high ranking web sites and paid priority position listings on some search engines. This would mean a very high expenditure for a small business without a significantly higher position. One of the best ways to improve search engine results position is to improve the quality of the content of the website. It should be original, relevant, correctly spelt and with good grammar.

Further SEO

There are further methods of Search Engine Optimisation that can become quite expensive, including Pay Per Click (PPC) and Priority Listings.

With PPC and Priority Listings you pay significant regular amounts to be listed at the top of Search Engine listings for specific words. If these words are used in the search, your site could appear near the top of the first page. When it does, you are charged a set amount for it’s appearance and then an additional amount if the link is clicked on.

We do not use this method unless specifically requested by the client and they are aware of the potential on-going costs involved. We do not feel that these methods represent a good investment for a small business.

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