As well as web site design and creation, domain name acquisitions,  web site hosting and search engine optimisation, Amdow Web Design provide the following services to our clients.

Our Other Services

We will analyse your existing web site and suggest areas where it could be improved. This can assist your web site to load quicker than it does at the present. A few minor changes can help your web site to appear higher in search engine listings. We can identify errors in the coding that may cause it to appear differently when displayed on some browsers.

We also offer a service to make the changes for you and send you back updated files to replace your original files.

Logos and Images

We can design and provide you with a logo for your business.

We can also create images for your web site from  existing digital photographs or electronic copies of logos that you own. We can use your paper photographs to convert to image files.

If you are local to us we can come to you and take digital photographs to use as web site images.

Email Accounts

Where a web site is hosted through Amdow Web Design in conjunction with a domain name we can set up email addresses to go with that domain name (e.g.

These start at £16.00 a year for up to 20 email addresses.

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