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An essential business tool

If you are a small business trying to attract new clients you will be aware that advertising yourself is one of your major expenses after your business premises and wage costs.

Regular advertising in your local paper may well be attracting fresh business but it can prove to be expensive on a regular basis.

Having a company web site is a form of advertising that provides a good return on investment as the initial costs can be less than you pay for two months of newspaper advertising and the annual recurring costs can be little more than a weeks worth.

Moreover, a web site is still advertising your business long after the newspaper has been recycled into a cardboard box. It is a shop window for your services that can be seen every hour of every day and in every corner of the world.

 "Show me a business that's not on the Internet, and I'll  

   show you a business that's out of touch with the future."

   Michael Dell, founder of the Dell Corporation

Clients - current and previous

Some of the web sites that we have created are still going after up to ten years. All have had some changes made over the years. A few no longer exist, mainly because the businesses have ceased, been taken over or have changed their name.

To see some examples click on this paragraph .

Why do we need a web site?

It is a simple fact in business that, if you don’t have a web site, three things will happen:


 "He who stops advertising to save money could just as  easily    stop his clock to save time”       

   Henry Ford

Web Sites







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